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16 December 2017 - the Nidzica Community Foundation 18th birthday.

On 16 December 2017 the Nidzica Community Foundation celebrated its 18th birthday.

The glamorous event began with a summary of 18 years of activity of the Association, which was presented by Mrs. Barbar Margol – chairman of the board. The meeting of our donors, partners and grant receivers was also an opportunity to summarize this year’s edition of the Act Locally Program.

A very special part of the event was statuette-giving for the following contests: “Philanthropist of the Year - Gregorovius” and “Youth Volunteer of the Year – Hawk”. The Gregorovius statuette in the category “individual” was given to Mr. Jacek Nowakowski, and in the category “enterprise/company/institution” the statuette was given to the company Inter Parts. Both Mr. Jacek and the company Inter Parts significantly contributed to support Scholarship Programs conducted by the Nidzica Community Foundation. A special statuette for multiannual and fruitful cooperation was given to Culture Center from Nidzica. Hawk was given to Young Volunteer Scholastic Club from a primary school in Janowo of which the attendant is Mrs. Małgorzata Słomkowska. We would like to thank all those awarded.

A Christmassy and musical surprise was prepared by the vocal ensemble “Being together” from the University of the Third Age “Young in Spirit” from Nidzica.

Birthday of the Nidzica Community Foundation was also an opportunity for an annual meeting of our donors – Buratlon. Like every year, the meeting was very emotional.

Once more we would like to thank everyone who make it possible for the Nidzica Community Foundation to exist and make dreams come true.

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