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Integrative and instructional trip to Warsaw

On 10-11.03.2018 scholars of the Nidzica Community Foundation participated in a an integrative and instructional trip to Warsaw. During the weekend we managed to visit the Museum of Warsaw Rising and see a wonderful play in Och-Teatr. During the trip there were of course trainings. On Saturday there was a training on creative thinking, cooperation and communication, and on Sunday we focused on team work and roles of individual people in the group. Workshops allowed us to learn about our strong and weak points and many interesting skills, which will surely be used in the future. Trainings were unique also because of the people who conducted them for who knows better to connect with the scholars than our very own former scholars. Renata Bru┼║dziak, Krzysztof Szczepkowski – thank you very much for wonderful time.

The trip was organized within the project “Active-Creative” implemented by the Nidzica Community Foundation within Global Challenges Local Solutions Program financed by the C.S. Mott Foundation and run by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland


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