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Be Active Locally


From the very beginning the Nidzica Community Foundation supports interesting initiatives and ideas of local organizations, institutions and informal groups which implement important projects for the local community.

Since 2004 with the help of the Polish American Freedom Foundation and The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland we participate in a program “Act Locally”. Its objective is to assist active local communities of which the inhabitants together recognize problems, try to prevent them or minimize their consequences. Within the scope of grant competitions we fund local organizations and civic initiatives which initiate cooperation of the inhabitants for the common good. The program is implemented to support non-governmental organizations and informal groups which together embark upon better life in their community. The participants of the program “Act Locally” are foundations, associations and public institutions with a status of a legal person, such as schools, community centers, libraries and informal groups operating at schools, libraries, community centers, sports clubs from the area of boroughs of Nidzica, Janowiec Kościelny, Kozłowo, Janowo.

Organizations and informal groups, which look for inspiration to act, may take advantage from experiences of previous grant receivers of the Program. “Act Locally” is being implemented through 8600 projects and more than 72 million zlotys has been donated in a form of grants. All the initiatives which have been funded until now are described at in a tab “Project database”. Some of them are universal solutions which may be successfully implemented in any borough, therefore, we kindly invite you to visit the website and get familiar with good practices of the Program.

Within the framework of the Program “Act Locally” so far, the Nidzica Community Foundation has granted 408 projects in the amount of 920,550.00 PLN.



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