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In relation to a task co-realized by 5 Partnership Organizations which are active in Warmia-Masuria Province and at the same time being Centers of Act Locally: Local Action Group “Warmian Nook”, the Nidzica Community Foundation, Association of the Active “STOPA” from Ełk, Help for Children and Youth Association, “PRZYSTAŃ” Association and also in cooperation with We Are Joined by the Elbląski Channel (a Local Action Group) and the Association Gołdap Community Foundation, a program of micro donations called Civic Initiatives Foundation Warmia-Masuria Locally is being realized.

The aim of the program is to increase engagement of inhabitants of Warmia-Masuria Province, which act in informal groups, self-help and young non-governmental organizations, and to be publicly active through supporting bottom-up initiatives that support activities for the greater good.


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