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The patron of the contest for the title of the Young Volunteer of the Year is Wojciech Bogumił Jastrzębowski – a prominent scholar and a social activist as well as a great friend of children.

The contest is organized once a year in order to popularize volunteer work and feature people who are charitable, socially active and through their attitude promote good in local community.

The contest is devoted to young volunteers aged 15-25 from the Nidzica county.

The candidates may be put forward by non-governmental organizations (associations and foundations), with which they are associated, from the Nidzica county.

Ceremonial presentation of the winner and awarding the statuette of HAWK takes place annually on December 6 during the Philanthropist of the Year Gala.

2009r - Aneta Rudzińska 
2010r - Aleksandra Kania 
2011r - Nina Słomkowska 
2012r - Aleksandra Pięta 
2013r - Tomasz Gołębczyk 
2014r - Izabella Bonisławska 
2015r - Patrycja Jackiewicz 
2016r - Julia Beata Maculewicz 
2017r - School Youth Volunteer Club at the Primary School in Janowo


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