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In the vicinity of “Pottery Village” and “Paradise Garden” in Kamionka there is a wooden hut - NIEZAPOMINAJKA.

Since 4 May 2013, it is an ECOLOGCAL EDUCATION CENTER for children and youth. According to the philosophy of Janusz Korczak “It matters not that a person knows a lot but knows well, not learn by heart but understand, not to be concerned with everything just a little but to be fully engaged in something”, we will conduct classes for children and youth which will develop their passions and hobbies. The classes will require cooperation with fellow students, friends, siblings, parents and grandparents.

The hut was named NIEZAPOMINAJKA (forget-me-not) as a reference to postcards of Janusz Korczak.

NIEZAPOMINAJKA is also the headquarters of the Nidzica Community Foundation which has been supporting educational initiatives for youth for 17 years.

The hut came to be thanks to support of many people and institutions. The sponsors of NIEZAPOMINAJKA are:

  • The European Fund for the Development of Polish Villages
  • Cooperative Bank in Nidzica
  • The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland – Local Partnership Program of Polish – American Freedom Foundation
  • DREHABUD Company from Nidzica
  • ISOROC Company from Nidzica
  • PROW LEADER Program
  • The Nidzica Development Foundation NIDA
  • Aid Programs Advisory Center in Nidzica


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