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The aim of the Program is to support youth from rural areas and small towns in order for them to continue education at universities. The program is to help youth start full-time graduate studies at state universities by funding scholarships on first year of education.

“Bridging Scholarships” Program is a common project of the Educational Enterprise Foundation, Polish-American Freedom Foundation, National Bank of Poland and 20 non-governmental Local Organizations which were recommended by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland (the chosen from a group of organizations that participated in an Equal Chances Program realized by the Batory Foundation).

Within the framework of the Bridging Scholarships program, until now, the Nidzica Community Foundation has granted 96 scholarships in the amount of 367,900 PLN.

In order to apply for the Bridging Scholarships Program you need to be a graduate of high school from the Nidzica County and meet the requirements below:

-          live in the area of the Nidzica County

-          come from a family with financial predicaments

-          gained at least 90 points on Matura exam

In the school year 2017/2018 the support was given to 4 students.

1.            Idzikowska Karolina

2.            Zygnerska Monika

3.            Borowa Dominika

4.            Rejner Joanna


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