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This program was created in cooperation with the Nidzica Community Foundation and The Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation. At the beginning of our work, cooperation was declared by two businessmen from Wisconsin: Casey Cuene and Bob Nueske from Nueske Meats and Brian's Foundation.

In 2005 the circle of donors was extended by Weyers Family Foundation, Dr. Michael and Susan Smullen Family.

Until 2009 each scholar received the equivalence of 500$ and an honorary medal of an international scholar.

Today, by the courtesy of International Sponsors, the scholars of the Brain Laviolette Student Program receive scholarships in the amount of 1.000$ given each school year.

The scholarship gives a chance to continue education on universities.

The participants of the program are full-time graduate students of state universities and high school pupils who have been accepted to first year of full-time graduate studies and live in the area of the Nidzica County: Janowiec Kościelny Borough, Nidzica, Janowo, Kozłowo in Warmia-Masuria Province, and meet the requirements below:

-          attend or have been accepted to a field of study of, i.e. economics, computer science, medicine, mathematics, technical subjects

-          finalists of Olympiads or other documented extraordinary accomplishments

-          documented social activity (volunteer work)

-          financial predicaments

This is show the Scholarship Program is described in the USA:


In the school year 2018/2019 the support was given to 2 students.

1. Karolina Idzikowska - University of Warmia and Mazury

2. Natalia Roska - University of Warmia and Mazury



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