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A strategic area in building the potential of the Nidzica Community Foundation is the development of social capital. This is crucial in case of an organization which functions in a small town which lacks wealthy companies. Current relations with partners of the Foundation (business, administration, social organizations) are very good, however, it is necessary to expand the group of permanent Donors. Realization of the project will contribute to develop strategical potential, financial and organizational stability of the Foundation by consolidating and increasing social capital. This is the most important change for our organization, and the one we wish to accomplish. The capital will be a permanent and engaged group of individual donors and volunteers we cooperate with. In order to accomplish this goal, we will use tools, such as periodic charity events, which will integrate the donors, build the image and brand of the Foundation and, at the same time, form a systematic source of increasing the capital of the Foundation.

In order to do so, the calendar of annual events of the Foundation will be enriched with a CHARITY RUN OF NIEZAPOMINAJKA. This year’s run will be organized on Saturday June 6. The inspiration to organize this event is an initiative of a member of our Foundation – Marcin Konieczny is a marathon runner, a triathlete, Ironman participant, and he is a member of the biggest triathlon club in Poland. Marcin was behind the idea of an initiative called BURATHLON, which was organized by him to finish the season in 2014. He invited his friends, who do this sport, to an integration event, and the condition to participate in BURATHLON was a donation – money for a scholarship program of the Nidzica Community Foundation. The event turned out to be a success and inspired by the idea we decided to cultivate this form of supporting activities of the Foundation and build our social capital.

By organizing CHARITY RUN OF NIEZAPOMINAJKA we will increase the group of new individual donors – triathletes, among which there are lawyers, scientists, businessmen, actors and famous politicians from all over Poland. It will be a new quality and value in building social capital of the Foundation. While working with marathon runners and triathletes, we will promote activities of the Foundation on a national scale. The participants of our run will be invited to other events and activities of the Foundation: charity ball, science fair, summer in “NIEZAPOMINAJKA”.

(“Niezapominajka” – a creative workhouse for children and youth in Kamionka where the office of the Foundation is located and the owner is the Nidzica Community Foundation.) 



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