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The most important challenge for the Nidzica Community Foundation is the development of social capital which means permanent relations with the inhabitants and donors who systematically and consciously support activities of the Foundation. Within the framework of the project “Scholarships by Nature” we would like to include a new social group to cooperate permanently. The group consists of gardeners who did not participate in any event or project of the Foundation. If the gardeners join our ranks, it will improve organizational and financial stability of the Foundation by increasing social capital and insure the possibility of a long-term support of education, development and upbringing of children and youth. It is our most important change which we would like to achieve through the project. As a result of the project, we will permanently increase the group of new individual Donors – gardeners, owners of horticultural enterprises, owners of nurseries and designers of greenery. It will be a new quality and value in building social capital of the Foundation which will be multiplied by other Foundations in Poland and abroad. The Nidzica Community Foundation will share its experiences in this area with other community foundations.

The inspiration to carry out the project “Scholarships by Nature” is a demonstrational “Paradise Garden”, which adjoins the headquarters of the Nidzica Community Foundation and Niezapominajka, and the foregoing cooperation with a nursery and horticultural center owned by Mr. SÅ‚awomir Orzechowski. The partner – the nursery and the center have already created a forestall nook in Paradise Garden and a bed of forget-me-nots around the residence of the Foundation. They also participate in events of the Foundation and donate plants to charity auctions. We would like to develop this experience into a permanent and systematic support by inviting representatives of the horticultural sector from the whole country to join our project in order to achieve the change we have planned for our community.

In order to make changes we have planned, it is necessary to implement a few complementary actions during the realization of the project. We will prepare and include a new group of volunteers and build a permanent relation with a new group of Donors. In order to do so, we will organize periodic charity events which will integrate the Donors – Gardeners and build the image and brand of the Foundation: “May outing with the Foundation” is connected with a horticultural display and a wordy-musical concert “Remember the Gardens”. These events will become annual happenings of the Foundation and they will promote philanthropy, volunteer work, social engagement of business, charity and ecology.


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