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The program was implemented in September 1997, and since 1999 it is one of the programs of the Nidzica Community Foundation.

The aim of the scholarship program STUDENT is financial aid given to full-time graduate students of state universities who live in the area of the Nidzica County: Janowiec Kościelny Borough, Nidzica, Janowo, Kozłowo in Warmia-Masuria Province.

You can participate in the program if you meet the requirements below:

-          average grade of 4.0 by the end of school year

-          finalists of Olympiads or other documented extraordinary accomplishments

-          documented social activity (volunteer work)

-          financial predicaments

  1. Bojanowska Aleksandra Magdalena - Medical University of Bialystok
  2. Borowa Dominika - Gdansk University of Technology
  3. Dawidczyk Natalia – University of Warmia and Mazury
  4. Dawidczyk Sylwia – University of Warmia and Mazury
  5. Kaczmarczyk Justyna- Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
  6. Kaczmarczyk Kinga - Warsaw University of Technology
  7. Kotwicka Marta - University of Gdańsk
  8. Pięta Aleksandra – University of Warsaw
  9. Polakowska Aleksandra – University of Warsaw
  10. Szulczak Joanna - The State University of AppliedSciences in Płock
  11. Tyszka Joanna - Medical University of Gdańsk
  12. Tyszka Wojciech – Gdańsk University of Technology
  13. Wasiak Konrad – Gdańsk University of Technology
  14. Woźniak Dominika - Warsaw University of Technology
  15. Zielińska Weronika - Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw



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