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“Zloty for Luck” is a program of the Nidzica Community Foundation and its aims is to engage youth in philanthropic activities and work out a model of cooperation with the Foundation in the area of identifying the needs of youth as well as cooperating with social organizations.

Every year, around 40 volunteers – scholars of the Foundation - take part in the event. In 2011, volunteers from primary schools and the Club of Young Volunteers in Janowo joined the event.

The collection is organized in the area of Nidzica. “Santa Clauses” with bags full of candy encourage the inhabitants to donate a symbolic zloty to finance educational classes for children and scholarship programs run by the Nidzica Community Foundation.

So far, that is in years 2001 – 2017, together we have managed to collect more than 21,000 PLN.

The event “Zloty for Luck” is organized annually on December 6 which in Nidzica is known as the Day of Philanthropy.

During the event there is a presentation of GREGOROVIUS statuettes regarding the contest “Philanthropist of the Year” for individuals and enterprises which are significantly engaged in support of social initiatives. On that day, there is also a ceremonial mark with a tile of the “Young Volunteer of the Year” and presentation of a HAWK statuette to a volunteer who popularize good in local community through their charitable and socially active attitude.



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